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From when up to when lives a human?

In that given tribe it used to be in this way...

When a girl dreamed for the first time about her baby to be born later on, she went to the forest for a walk. She was walking up to the time she found a tree where she felt home. There she took a sit under that tree, and was sitting there, waiting for a melody to be born in her. She then learnt this melody, sang it, loved it.

Later on she tought this melody to her husband. And all the time when they made love this melody was with them, they sang it, both of them together.

All over her pregnancy they sang this song together in the evenings, and she alone for herself and for the baby during the day.

When the time of birthgiving arrived, the whole village knew already the meoldy. All over the time of the labour the village got together in front of the hut, and they were singing it together to support the arriving baby and the mother.

When the baby was born the village sang laud the melody with joy to greet the newborn and the mother.

And, as the baby grew and became a child this melody followed him all over. During his initiation this song encouraged him. And he was greeted with this very song at his wedding, as well.

And when the time has come, and he died, the tribe let him go with this melody.

And after his death, wehener people was thinking of him, when they talked about him, they sang his melody.

While at least one remembered...


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I heard this story in Amsterdam, on a congress about homebirth.











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